Frequently Asked Questions

Please read "Frequently Asked Questions" before you inquiry by email or telephone.

  • I am looking for a certain product.
    Please contact our store . We can check inventory of the product in other Loft stores as well, and please feel free to ask a Loft store.
    * Please note that we may not be able to know inventory in other stores immediately and that we may take some time to answer you.
    For your inquiry by telephone, please call a number of store listed in the store list.
    For your inquiry by email, please use the inquiry form.
    *Please kindly note that we may take some time to reply to you.
  • Can I ask you to hold the product?
    Our stores accept to hold a product for one week for you. If you want to hold a product, please call a store you want to shop at and ask them for the holding. For details, plaese call to a store listed in our store list.
    *Please note that we cannot accept your request for holding a product by email.
  • Are merchandise assortments different by store?
    By differences of store size and location, there are differences of genres and volumes of merchandise. For details, please inquiire a store you want to shop at.
    -For your inquiry by telephone, please call a number of store listed in the store list.
    -For your inquiry by email, please use the inquiry form.
  • Do you offer collect-on-delivery?
    With the exception of some stores, we offer collect-on-delivery (COD) for phone orders. Please note that this service is available only for products in stock. Cancellations are not accepted for non-defective products.
    Orders are delivered by a courier. Same-day deliveries are not accepted; however, requests for delivery date and time are accepted. Some products, such as fragile items, may not be suitable for shipping.
    Shipping fee, COD fee, and expected date of delivery vary by product and store. For details, please ask the store.
    * Email orders are not accepted. Please place your order by phone.
    For details, call a telephone number in the store list.
  • Do you have international delivery service?
    We are sorry, but we don't have any international delivery service. Your understanding would be appreciated.
  • May I request for gift wrapping service?
    We accept requests to wrap products purchased at Loft stores; they will be wrapped with our original Loft gift bag or wrapping paper. Please ask our sales clerk when making your payment. Kindly note that there is a fee for the gift wrapping service.
    Please also be aware that we cannot accept requests to wrap products purchased from other stores or requests to use wrapping material sold In Loft stores. Thank you for your kind understanding.
  • I want to refund/replace a product I purchased.
    Generally, products purchased at Loft stores may be refunded or replaced if they have not been used or unpacked. Please bring your product with its receipt to the store where you purchased it.
    *Please note that the absence of a receipt would result in a longer time required to check the condition, price, and purchase record of the item. (Please inform the store about the product on hand and your request beforehand to allow us to process your request in a shorter time.)

    Please note that there may be cases in which we are unable to process your request.
    We may decline your request for a refund or replacement of certain products, such as those that are in direct contact with the skin when in use. For details, please review the following policy before inquiring with the store where you bought the product.

    【Refund Policy】
    ●Refund of purchased products
    ①Refund for defective products
    In the case of products that are defective or have been damaged due to our sales method, we will refund the purchase price even if it has been used or unpacked.

    ②Refund for dissatisfied purchases
    In this case, we will only refund the product if it has neither been used nor unpacked nor worn; the accompanying items such as packaging, parts, instruction manual, and warranty card have neither been damaged nor lost; the product can be resold; and we can confirm that the product was bought at our store. Please bring the product and the receipt for its purchase when requesting a refund. Such refunds may be claimed up to 30 days from the date of your purchase, as long as we can confirm your purchase record.

    ③Refund of LOFT Net Store Products
    If you would like to refund a product purchased on the LOFT Net Store, please read the User's Guide (Refunds & Replacements) and use the designated method to submit your request. Kindly note that we do not accept refund requests of products purchased on the LOFT Net Store at physical stores. Other than that, please note that there may be some differences between our refund policy and theirs. *Likewise, you may not refund products purchased at physical stores on the LOFT Net store.

    ●Products that cannot be refunded/replaced
    ・Products custom made for the customer (order made, products with name engraved, etc.) and special orders (products not normally sold at the store)
    ・Products that have been used or worn (clothing)
    ・Books and music or video media (CD, DVD, Blu-ray, etc.)
    ・Foods, drinks, and plants
    ・Electronic goods that have been plugged in (cooking appliances, lighting equipment, beauty gadgets, seasonal appliances, etc.)
    ・Personal hygiene products (oral care products, masks, towels, underwear, bedding & pillows, toilet deodorizers, toiletries, and beauty care products*) *Beauty care products: Such as face massagers and face rollers that come in contact with the skin when used
    ・Bargain or discounted products
    ・Seasonal Products (Products for Christmas, Valentines, New Year, and more)
    ・Limited Edition Products (products available for a limited time or in limited quantities, products with purchasing limits, and products bought by lottery)
    ・Refunds of large numbers of the same item or product series
    *Your refund request for items other than the above may also be rejected depending on the circumstances.
    *This list may be partially different for Loft Net Store.
  • The product I purchased is defective.
    Please accept our deepest apologies. It may take a while to get a reply if you submit your request via the contact form, so please call the store where you bought the product if you are in a hurry. We will handle your request after taking your details.
    Having the receipt on hand during your call may help us to identify the product more quickly. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you in advance for your cooperation.
    To find the store's contact details, please find the store's telephone number printed on the receipt or on the "Stores List" page.
    However, please understand that we may be unable to provide a replacement for limited edition items (products available for a limited time or in limited quantities, products with purchasing limits, and products bought by lottery), which will be refunded for the purchase price.
  • May I use a gift card, credit card, IC card, or QR code payment to purchase products?
    As the payment methods differ for each store, please check the information of the particular store that you will be shopping at from the "Stores List" page. Please contact the store directly to inquire about the validity of using gift cards or credit cards for payments.
  • What inspired the name LOFT?
    LOFT literally means attic, or the space directly below the roof of a building. At the time of our founding in 1987, a movement was under way stemming from the loft culture nurtured by young artists in the Soho neighborhood of New York City.
    LOFT aimed to introduce the radical, creative style and be a store with a sensibility, where you go with the hope of encountering something special.
  • What do I do if I want to use the LOFT app?
    Please search "LOFT app" on the App Store or Google Play and download the app. However, please note that the app is only available in Japan and may not be available on some devices. Thank you for your kind understanding.
    *The app's display language is Japanese. (No language localization available.)
  • What is the song playing at the entrance of Shibuya LOFT?
    The track is LOFT's original background music composed for the store. As it is not available for general sale, we hope you will enjoy it at the store.
  • Can I buy yours posters and promotional materials posted in the store?
    They are all our originals created for our stores' decorations and performances, and we don't sell and transfer them. It would be appreciated if you could enjoy them in our stores.
  • I want to propose our products to LOFT.
    We accept a proposal of products at the Open Buying page. Please make access to the following website page of our Open Buying and apply with the attached application form in English.