Frequently Asked Questions

Please read "Frequently Asked Questions" before you inquiry by email or telephone.

  • I am looking for a certain product.
    Please contact our store . We can check inventory of the product in other Loft stores as well, and please feel free to ask a Loft store.
    * Please note that we may not be able to know inventory in other stores immediately and that we may take some time to answer you.
    For your inquiry by telephone, please call a number of store listed in the store list.
    For your inquiry by email, please use the inquiry form.
    *Please kindly note that we may take some time to reply to you.
  • Can I ask you to hold the product?
    Our stores accept to hold a product for one week for you. If you want to hold a product, please call a store you want to shop at and ask them for the holding. For details, plaese call to a store listed in our store list.
    *Please note that we cannot accept your request for holding a product by email.
  • Are merchandise assortments different by store?
    By differences of store size and location, there are differences of genres and volumes of merchandise. For details, please inquiire a store you want to shop at.
    -For your inquiry by telephone, please call a number of store listed in the store list.
    -For your inquiry by email, please use the inquiry form.
  • Do you offer collect-on-delivery?
    With the exception of some stores (LOFT Nagoya, Gifu LOFT, and Meieki LOFT), we offer collect-on-delivery (COD) for phone orders. Please note that this service is available only for products in stock. Cancellations are not accepted for non-defective products.
    Orders are delivered by a courier. Same-day deliveries are not accepted; however, requests for delivery date and time are accepted. Some products, such as fragile items, may not be suitable for shipping.
    Shipping fee, COD fee, and expected date of delivery vary by product and store. For details, please ask the store.
    * Email orders are not accepted. Please place your order by phone.
    For details, call a telephone number in the store list.
  • Do you have international delivery service?
    We are sorry, but we don't have any international delivery service. Your understanding would be appreciated.
  • Can I ask for gift wrapping?
    We accept your request to wrap products purchased at a Loft store with our original Loft gift bag or wrapping paper. Please ask our sales clerk For gift wrapping when you make payment at the cashier.
    Please note that we cannot accept any request for wrapping of a product purchased at other store nor any request For wrapping with wrapping materials sold In Loft stores.
  • I want to return (or change) the purchased product.
    In principle, we accept your request for return or change of the product if it was purchased in a Loft store and has not been used and unpacked. Please take your purchased product and receipt to the store where you bought it.
    Without a receipt, please note that we would take some time to check condition and price of the product and your purchase record. (It would be appreciated if you could tell the store about your request so that we may be able to make a procedure in shorter time.)
    Please note that there may be a case that we cannot accept the return.
    We decline to accept your request for return or change of some products which directly touch the skin.
    For details, please inquire the store where you bought the product. As for a contact number of a trelevant store, please check our store list.
  • My purchased product is a defective product.
    We are very sorry. It may take some time for us to reply to you if you contact by the inquiry form. If you are in a hurry, you are kindly requested to call the store where you bought the product. After hearing about details, we will make a solution.
    If you could keep a relevant receipt with you, we may be able to identify the product promptly. Your kind cooperation would be appreciated.
    For your contact with us, please refer to a telephone number of the relevant sales area printed on the receipt.
  • Are gift certificates, credit cards and IC cards available for shopping?
    Available gift certificates and credit cards or how to use them are different by store. Please directly inquire a store where you would like to shop.
    For your contact with the store, please refer to our store list.
  • What inspired the name LOFT?
    LOFT literally means attic, or the space directly below the roof of a building. At the time of our founding in 1987, a movement was under way stemming from the loft culture nurtured by young artists in the Soho neighborhood of New York City.
    LOFT aimed to introduce the radical, creative style and be a store with a sensibility, where you go with the hope of encountering something special.
  • What is the song playing at the entrance of Shibuya LOFT?
    The track is LOFT's original background music composed for the store. As it is not available for general sale, we hope you will enjoy it at the store.
  • Do you sell music and promotion video which are used in stores for such promotional events as Christmas and Valentine's Day? Can I buy your posters and sales clerk uniform Tshirt for sales promotions?
    They are all our originals created for our stores' decorations and performances, and we don't sell and transfer them. It would be appreciated if you could enjoy them in our stores.
  • There is no LOFT in my country. Do you have a plan to open a store abroad?
    We don't have a plan to open our store abroad at present.
  • I want to propose our products to LOFT.
    We accept a proposal of products at the Open Buying page. Please make access to the following website page of our Open Buying and apply with the attached application form in English.