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About LOFT

LOFT is a leading Japanese household goods specialty store operating 117 branches nationwide today (as of March 31, 2019). Our origins date back to 1987 with the opening of the LOFT Annex of Seibu Shibuya. At the time, household goods specialty store was a new, unique concept in Japan. From morning to night, we rushed to and fro studying conventional supplies stores and exploring presentation techniques that surpassed the typical shelves lined with children's school bags and stationery. Our conclusion was to depart from merchandising that promoted function and utility, and to display an edited assortment of items that set the trends of the times. We set our sights on a store where customers came not only to purchase predetermined items but also to window shop, to enjoy browsing the products, and to naturally prolong their stay. This led to the concept "Showcase of Time." We aspired to present snippets of the needs, trends, and feel of the times, to propose lifestyles through our assortment of products and services, and to be a place where customers could come without a fixed purpose but with the hope of encountering something special. The LOFT that emerged as a result was exciting and welcomed by a broad range of customers. Shibuya LOFT was followed by distinctive large stores in Umeda and Ikebukuro, which cemented our brand image and led to the establishment in 1996 of THE LOFT CO., LTD.

Into the future, we at LOFT hope to keep alive our founding spirit and continue to be a company that proposes new lifestyles through our edited assortment of household goods.

LoFt WAY and LoFt NEXT
Having assessed our operational accomplishments and issues to date, at present we are engaging in the strategy programs LoFt WAY and LoFt NEXT. LoFt WAY is about thoroughly practicing the LOFT work process. Create product and service scenarios toward enhancing the joys and resolving the problems in our customers' daily lives. Propose new lifestyles through our edited assortment and display of products. Expand the spectrum of items and experiences that customers can encounter only at LOFT. Share information via the LOFT app and social media. And ensure that customers who visit the physical store are offered pleasant service. All employees should commit to this flow.

LoFt NEXT represents new initiatives for adapting to the changing times and transitioning into the future. Examples include business-to-business services using the LOFT brand, and freestanding stores and shop-in-shops in collaboration with New York's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). In the field of e-commerce, we are enhancing the online store's proposal of uniquely edited assortment of products, and the LOFT app's offering of unique services and role as the core medium of communication with our customers. In business category development, we are expanding into the new area of small specialty store (e.g., Cosme LOFT) and branching out into markets outside Japan. Within the next 5-10 years, we hope to open stores in East Asia and build a foundation for overseas business. We have five franchise stores in Bangkok, Thailand, at present, and have established a preparation office toward the next step of opening directly managed stores in China.

  • Company name
  • Head office
    3-4F / 6-7F, Ichigaya Bldg., 4-2-6 Kudankita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0073
    Product Department, Product Supervisory Department, Business Development Department (Product Development, MoMA Business, Overseas Franchising), Administration Division (General Affairs, Human Resources, Accounting, Quality Control, Clerical Support), Corporate Planning Office, Store Development Department, Audit Office, Sales Planning Department, Public Relations Department, E-Commerce Department, Brand Sales Department, Sales Promotion Department, Information Systems Department, Store Operations Department, Merchandising Control Department

    Opening hours 9:00-18:00
    Closing days:Product Department, Product Supervisory Department, Business Development Department (Product Development, MoMA Business), Sales Planning Department, Store Operations Department, Merchandising Control Department: Wednesdays and Sundays Other divisions: Saturdays and Sundays

    3 min. walk from JR Ichigaya Station
    1 min. walk from subway Ichigaya Station Exit A4

  • Established
    August 8, 1996
  • Headquarters location
    18-2 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  • Capital
    750 million yen
  • Settlement date
    End of February
  • Net sales
    114.3 billion yen (total transaction volume) in fiscal year ended February 2018
  • Employees
    5,107 (as of March 2019)
  • Stores
    Directly managed stores 99, franchise stores 18 (as of March 2019)
  • Officers
    <Representative Director and President>
    Koki Ando

    <Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer>
    Keiji Hashimoto

    <Director and Executive Officer>
    Satoru Iimura
    Kiichiro Ozone
    Yoshio Uchiumi
    Akiko Ogawa

    <Director (non-executive)>
    Hidekazu Nakamura
    Yoshiaki Miura

    Ichio Takahashi
    Hiroshi Enomoto

    <Executive Officer>
    Kenji Kakei
    Keiichiro Shono
    Takashi Mizuno
    Akio Matsumoto
    Kotaro Sugano
    Atsushi Matsumura
  • Major shareholders
    Sogo & Seibu Co., Ltd., Credit Saison Co., Ltd.
  • Business description
    Household goods specialty retail
  • Main banks
    Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

    MUFG Bank, Ltd.

    Resona Bank, Ltd.

    Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

    Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Ltd.