LOFT Green Project Review: Borrowing the Power of ZAKKA, Keeping the Earth Safe.
May 28, 2024

LOFT is on a mission to utilize the ubiquitous ZAKKA

around us to improve the "LOFT Green Project,"

which is designed to improve the sense of well-being in our lives.

From the six perspectives of

Recycle, Material, Wellness, Saving, Maintenance, and Upcycle,

we introduce products and lifestyles that

are environmentally friendly, beautiful, and healthy.

"Start with what you can do."

Take care of the earth by using the Earth-Friendly ZAKKA around you.


Saborino 早安面膜.png

Saborino Good Morning Mask

32 pieces, 1,540 yen each tax included


FERNANDA Rich Perfume by Pink Delight

Fragrance: Bergamot x Raspberry x Apple

30ml 1,870 yen tax included


MiiS 牙齿美白精华液.png

MiiS Teeth Whitening Serum

20ml  3,981 yen tax included

海绵抹布 线条猫 控水垫.png

Sponge Wipes, Line Cat, Water Control Pad

715 yen tax included


do organic卸妆液.png

do organic  Makeup Remover

3,080 yen tax included


Kneipp Foaming Shower Gel

450g, 1,100 yen each tax included


Dr.Bronners 假日礼品套装.png

Dr.Bronners 假日礼品套装2.png

Dr. Bronners Holiday Gift Set

1,430 yen tax included

THERMOS 真空焖烧杯.png

THERMOS Vacuum Mug

300ml Bright green color, 3,520 yen tax included


Dr.Beckmann 抗染色布.png

Dr. Beckmann Anti-Dye Fabrics

Colour & Dirt Collector

30 pieces, 1,265 yen tax included

Dr.Bronners 魔法香皂 可持续套装.png

Dr. Bronners Magic Soap Sustainable Set

1,320 yen tax included


JET STREAM × karimoku家具.png

JET STREAM × karimoku家具2.png

JET STREAM × karimoku furniture

4&1 Multifunctional Pen

Oil-based 0.5mm, 3,300 yen each tax included

REC 自然护发精油.png

REC Natural Hair Care Oil

50ml, 3,080 yen each tax included

The carefully designed fragrance leaves you feeling

"Tranquility", "Energy", "Satisfaction", and "Revitalization".

Available in three fragrances: "London," "Paris," and "New York.




■ Event Schedule:

January 9 (Tue) ~ February 25 (Sun)


■Event time:

January 13 (Sat) ~ February 25 (Sun)

■Event Stores:

LOFT offline stores and online shopping sites in Japan.

*Product contents and event scale are subject to change depending on the store.