Product Proposals (Corporate Customers)


Come find the new wealth of the 21st century with us.

LOFT CO., LTD. pursues a business model as a household goods specialty store. However, having put so much effort into constructing an efficient management model, we are concerned that we may have lost sight of our original strength, providing products that customers want with high added value. Now, LOFT wants to return to the spirit it embodied at its founding, aiming to create a marketplace where you can find the excitement and passion that allow you to live a rich, enjoyable life. To do this, we need to strengthen our connections with manufacturers. This is the reason for our "Open Buying" trial. Please send us your proposals of exciting, passionate products - products full of lively ideas. LOFT will work with you to provide new richness to our customers.

Application Guidelines

Application Details
  • 1. Applications are limited to products that can be sold by LOFT. Please propose only legal products that are safe and secure.
  • 2. LOFT deals in general household goods.
  • 3. Only proposals for commercialized products will be considered. We are unable to assist with the commercialization of products. We also do accept applications for sales promotion plans.
  • 4. We do not accept telephone inquiries Please submit your proposal using the application form on the following page.
Selection Process
  • 1

    Apply Online (Apply by filling in the specified fields in the "Product Application"
    Online Form)

  • 2

    An automated e-mail will be sent to you explaining the mailing address and documents
    to be submitted (company profile product information).

  • 3

    Send the documents indicated in step 2 to the address indicated in step 2 via post.

  • 4

    A receipt number will be sent to you in the same manner as the e-mail in step 2
    *Application complete

  • 5

    First screening by the preliminary screening staff

  • 6

    Results of first screening are sent via e-mail

  • 7

    Second screening by buyer in charge of the relevant product category
    * Screening complete

  • 8

    Notification of results via e-mail

* It will take 1 - 2 months to complete steps 1 - 8.

Application Form

Please select the category of your proposal from the five choices below and submit your proposal using the application form.



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